Speak your client’s language -and culture.

At MLG International, we do more than just translate words between languages – we adapt concepts, ideas and visions to ensure their relevance to the nuances of each individual culture. As linguists with a love of language, we are committed to providing native-smooth and accurate translations that also take into consideration the cultural context of terminology, imagery and tone – we speak your language and culture.

Members of our experienced team serve our clients through specializations in a wide variety of fields such as legal, information technology, marketing & media, advertising & public relations, health care, retail, engineering & science and politics, among others.

We work in over 30 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Russian.


For quality assurance, every project goes through a detailed, three-step process.


Adapt your graphics to foreign markets.

MLG International translates websites, brochures, presentations and more – transforming them into tools that will captivate culturally diverse audiences worldwide.

Website translation encompasses much more than just the text of a document, and we also handle the formatting of text in all sorts of graphics.

Our graphic design team formats text and images to fit into existing layouts while retaining your site’s cohesive look and feel, solidly maintaining your established brand identity. With wide-ranging expertise working with a variety of font families, we can translate and format text among a multitude of graphics standards, with or without your provision of the source files.


We'll get the job done, with or without your source files.


Present your A/V content in any language.

MLG International transcribes, translates, and produces professional-quality multilingual audio and video content.

Our language conversion of feature films, corporate videos, documentaries, presentations, reports, animations and more allows your company to increase market reach abroad – as well as in your home country.

With more than 10 years of experience, our skilled team of multimedia editors handles every aspect of production using the most advanced technology, equipment and facilities available. We also provide fast turnaround on your dubbing and subtitling projects.


  • Subtitles
  • Transcriptions
  • Dubbing
  • Voice-Over / Lip-Sync
  • Sound & Video Editing


Deploy a creative team in any language.

We understand that in some cases, translating your content may not be enough – therefore we adapt your message to target to each specific market desired. Our team of copywriters and localization specialists will craft the language to ensure that your product or service is appealing and culturally relevant to your target market.

Let us transcreate your message to optimize its impact within a broad range of cultural climates.


We'll help you reach a larger audience.

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