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What is Transcreation?

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Quite frequently, literal translation is not the right approach to elicit an emotional response from an audience. A single marketing strategy doesn’t necessarily have to be successful within several markets – nor often can it be. Therefore a direct translation of a piece is often not sufficient to effectively carry your message.

Several questions need to be asked to ensure that your marketing efforts will result in increased traffic to your multilingual website, or that they’ll reach a larger audience, such as: Are those images/graphics appropriate for that foreign market? Will this slogan actually work in that particular cultural context? Is that the best product to present on your LATAM home page? Will this face be familiar to your Asian audience…?

Oftentimes, more literally translating your content will indeed be the answer. But always remain open to the possibility that transcreating your message may achieve better, more effective results – or in fact may be absolutely necessary in order to convey your idea or concept.


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