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Latin America is Not a Country

latin_americaMost companies make the mistake of not targeting their Latin American marketing campaigns to each of the region’s particular countries. They usually target the so called “LATAM” market using one single flavor of generic “neutral” Spanish. And even though this is better than addressing the market in English, it does not have nearly the same impact as speaking directly to the people of each distinct nationality.

Spanish can look and sound vastly different in Mexico than it does in Argentina or Chile, for example, and companies will achieve greater impact when they use the form of Spanish localized to the specific country. Our experience shows that many companies get overwhelmed by the idea of trying to target each country of the Latin American region. This is usually due to budget constraints, but is it really that expensive to adapt content in Spanish to its national variations? It often costs significantly less than what the client expects.

So, before leaving all your marketing material or website content in “one size fits all” Spanish, ask for a quote to localize it for each particular country where you want your message to be heard. We think you’ll be surprised how affordable it actually is.



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