How Can We Help You?

We connect you with clients in over 30 languages.

Establish global market presence with your message.


Present your video content in any language

We deliver complex short video projects in just a few days and at cost-efficient rates. Our services include: subtitling, voiceover, dubbing, and text editing.


Adapt your graphics and design to foreign markets

Our in-house team of graphic design experts is ready to help you with projects in any format, whether you have the source files or not.


Speak your client's language - and culture

We deliver the highest level of service with a personalized approach. We ensure quality with a three-step translation, editing, and proofreading process.


Deploy a creative team in any language

Sometimes translation alone is not enough. Our team of copywriters re-creates your message to appeal to each specific market you want to target.

How We Do It

Submit your project in any format.
We translate your material using our three-step quality process
Our graphic design/audiovisual team adapts or creates files for the target language
We deliver your project in the same original format or in another that you specify.

About Us

Translating ideas across cultures

At MLG, we do more than just translate words – we adapt concepts, ideas and visions.

Memberships and Awards

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